Scars naturally develop when the body heals from a skin injury. They consist of new collagen fibers that the skin creates to mend the damage. 

Multiple kinds of scars exist. While most scars look like pale traces on the skin, some have a crusted and raised texture. These hypertrophic or keloid scars form when the body produces an excessive amount of collagen. Scars can also have a sunken appearance. These are usually the result of your skin healing from acne wounds.

Scars are harmless and do not turn into cancer. However, a range of treatments can be used to improve their appearance.

More About Scars


Scars develop naturally when your skin heals from injuries or wounds, including inflammatory skin conditions and acne. 

Who is at risk? 

Scarring is a natural occurrence. However, some people are more prone to scarring and developing keloids than others. This is especially true for people of African, Asian, or Hispanic descent. Those with a family history of keloids and young people between 10 and 30 of age are also more likely to grow keloids.

What are the most effective treatments? 

Multiple treatments can improve the appearance of scars:

  • Topical creams and certain skin products can help conceal scars. 
  • Steroid injections can flatten and soften thicker scars, including keloids. 
  • Laser removal can reduce redness and vascularity in scars. 
  • Surgery can revise the shape and reduce the visibility of a non-keloid scar. 

Danny Guo MD practises all popular scar concealment methods. Our extensive experience, in tandem with our cutting-edge technology, allows us to instantly improve the appearance of your scars while keeping the surrounding tissue intact. Call 403-286-6888 or fill out the online contact form below to explore your scar concealment options with Danny Guo MD.

World Class Training and Experience

Dr. Guo is board-certified in Canada and the US and has 16 years of post-secondary education. He has received surgical and cosmetic training at more than 15 prestigious institutions in Canada, the US, and Asia. He is a fellowship-accredited Mohs surgeon with expert knowledge on facial anatomy and surgical reconstruction. Dr. Guo brings an exceptional understanding of medical and cosmetic dermatology and many years of extensive experience to his practice.

Common Skin Conditions

Dr. Guo is highly trained to treat a range of both medical and cosmetic skin conditions with the most current and cutting-edge techniques. Learn more about some of the more common skin conditions and the options for treatment. You do not need to suffer from painful and irritating skin conditions. Let Dr. Guo help you find a treatment solution.

Distinctive Dermatology

Distinctive Dermatology

Dr. Danny Guo promises informative, compassionate, and the most competent care for every dermatology patient he serves in the Calgary and Edmonton areas. He is highly educated and one of fewer than 30 fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons in Canada. For information on medical referrals or to book your complimentary cosmetic consultation contact our office at 1-403-286-6888.

Healthy. Beautiful.

Danny Guo MD is committed to serving patients in Calgary and Alberta as a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable source for expert skincare. With a careful and compassionate approach, Dr. Guo offers medical and cosmetic dermatology services allowing patients to choose health and to feel good in the skin they are in.
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